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Upcoming Videos and Future Plans

So I've come to the end of my Lolita shopping spree over the last few months, leading to a steady change in the future content of my Lolita-themed videos on youtube.
I don't think that I have mentioned it before but I saved up a lot of money to start my Lolita wardrobe with staples to then build upon. Over the next few videos you will see my Lolita Desu, Bodyline and April Cornell hauls followed by an abrupt shift to handmade-Lolita showcases and walk-throughs of projects I am working on.

I am not a professional seamstress and only have a background in quilting so many of my future pieces are going to feature patchwork elements. On the EGL livejournal Group I asked fellow Lolitas for their thoughts on patchwork and was very impressed by the diversity of reactions and opinions on the subject (Topic - Style discussion: Raggedly Lolita?). While some felt very against the notion, others embraced it but ultimately time will tell who was right once I get a few pieces done.
I am very open and receptive of other people's viewpoint even when it is in direct contrast with my own as it helps my own perspective stay flexible and aware of how no one person always knows best.
Also recently I posted images of two projects I'm currently planning out (Topic - How should I CUT them?) on EGL for the community's opinion once again. This entire thread I found even more interesting then the patchwork discussion as this project revolves around turning two "almost" Lolita dresses into "proper" Lolita dresses. Many of the ideas and suggestions will become part of both pieces and I truly feel grateful for the guidance.

In the upcoming future I will post images of all of the above projects to that you can see step by step how a budget Lolita can take meek resources and make the very best of them. Also I will continue to suggest off-brand alternative fashion labels that can work with Lolita and even surpass a lot of brand expectations for a lot less money.
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