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Broekn, Damaged and Lovely (A first post)

Hello, I am a cracked tea cup who wants to blog and vlog about, among other things, Lolita fashion!

I'm starting this blog to run along side my youtube channel with the only difference being that all entries here will be Lolita-related (to tie in with the egl community here on livejournal) while my youtube channel is going to expand out to include non-Lolita related things such as movie, video game and anime reviews.
(Whenever I make a non-Lolita video I'll link it here in my next post as a footnote to an otherwise Lolita-related post)

So basically I'm a 26-year old fan of Lolita fashion whom has been following the style since the early 2000's. Lolita, mostly Sweet and Classic, has always seemed very appealing to me and often I have described myself in the past as an "admirer" of the fashion; siting that I'm not actually taking part in it but enjoying it from afar much like one enjoys a piece of art in an art gallery.

BUT... This is the year. Everyone always asks if I'm dressing in Lolita, as my daily dress has a very Lolita-vibe, so I've decided to take the plunge and take an intentional step towards Lolita fashion. What I'm going to end up looking like isn't exactly clear but I think it will be something like Casual Lolita with themes from Sweet and colorways from Classic combined to form a toned-down yet very Lolita-y look.

Part of what inspires me to take this clothing journey now is the recent passing of a loved one; I've come to realize that though I might never be a full-blown Lolita, I've always wanted to be more like one. Witnessing mortality and the reality of how fragile we are made me realize that if I want to look like a doll, then dammit, I should just go for it while I still look the part.
Tags: beginning, blog, casual, classic, clothing, fashion, first, intro, introduction, livejournal, lolita, mission statement, style, sweet, welcome

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