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Icing Haul June 2013

- youtube video of a "Budget Lolita"-theme Icing Haul; http://youtu.be/20MUvAWVPH4 -

Icing Haul June 2013

I am really content and proud with what I got; everything is kinda Sweet Lolita or kinda Classic. It's just the right mix with the pastels mostly all being a little more subtle then usual and the fabric textures being enriching to the mono-tonality.

This haul is just a fraction of the very-Lolita accessories available right now at Icing. Given how expensive this fashion style is, I really do intend to save up my money to buy a nice JSK (jumper skirt) or full / bell skirt from Bodyline or another affordable company. The colorways and styles of hair bows and flowers at Icing could really go with a lot of the different sub-styles of Lolita; here are some links below to products that weren't in my haul but that I saw in person and that I think were of very acceptable quality :

- Black Oversized Chiffon Bow Hair Clip (/w long tails); http://www.icing.com/icing/us/goods/icing+commerce+root/cat1860086/barrettes+%26+bobby+pins/p39093/oversized+chiffon+bow+hair+clip/
- Large Acrylic Polka Dot Bow Ring (Reminds me of Angelic Pretty); http://www.icing.com/icing/us/goods/icing+commerce+root/cat1550018/fashion/p2001372/large+acrylic+polka+dot+bow+ring/
- Chiffon Floral Print with Pearl Accents Bow Hair Clip; http://www.icing.com/icing/us/goods/icing+commerce+root/cat1860086/barrettes+%26+bobby+pins/p86551/chiffon+floral+print+with+pearl+accents+bow+hair+clip/
- Carved Flower with Crystals Stretch Ring (Very Sweet / Deco); http://www.icing.com/icing/us/goods/icing+commerce+root/cat1550018/fashion/p91607/carved+flower+with+crystals+stretch+ring/
- Black Lace Trimmed Chiffon Bow Hair Clip; http://www.icing.com/icing/us/goods/icing+commerce+root/cat1860086/barrettes+%26+bobby+pins/p27608/lace+trimmed+chiffon+bow+hair+clip/

As mentioned in the haul vlog; my next haul video will be a review of a group of tops I ordered from Landsend. While Landsend is not by any means a company that designs for Lolita, I did find a selection of school uniform shirts (which come in children's, womans & womans plus sizes) which feature peter pan collar shirts and pastel colorways. I'm ordering them with the logic in mind that Landsend produces clothing products intended to endure heavy use and regular laundrying; the latter being something you are often not suppose to subject Brand items to very much. So I would kinda file the next review under "mainstream alternatives to the cut-sew blouse".
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